Brandable DNS Tools for Hosts and MSPs

Enhance your business efficiency with our Domain Analysis Tool. Empower your clients to independently verify their domain details, significantly reducing the need for support intervention and cutting down on DNS-related inquiries. Ensure seamless operations and client satisfaction with accurate, self-service domain analysis.

Screenshot of performed lint analysis

Complete analysis

Conducting over 15 independent lint tests within milliseconds, our system swiftly identifies and flags potential issues, offering detailed insights and actionable recommendations for enhanced performance.


Customize our lint tests to reflect the unique principles and standards of your organization, ensuring compatibility with your specific goals and objectives.

Brandable UI

Maintain your brand's identity and ensure seamless brand immersion by fully customizing the client interface to reflect your brand's aesthetics.




  • Unlimited lint requests
  • Brandable client interface
  • Custom subdomain
  • 7 day free trial



  • + all of Basic
  • Custom domain
  • Adjustable lint values



  • + all of Pro
  • Custom lint checks